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About NewroCare

Founded in Singapore on July 26, 2012, Newrocare is based on a revolutionary breakthrough in neuroengineering over a century’s research – an inductive electrical field for non-invasive brain-machine interface in both sensing and modulating the neuronal firing in the brain. We are dedicated to developing healthcare devices to enhance and sustain human brain functions. NewroCare has been focusing on research and product development related to the brain since its founding.

NewroCare strives to create novelty in invention, engaging in mechanism research, conceptual design, product development testing and application monitoring. We thoroughly check and improve product quality to ensure the perfection of the final result.

We are constantly investing to improve the consumer experience. Newrocare believes that the development of innovative products requires a free spirit that is not afraid to explore new things in the unknown world. Our mission is to challenge the impossible to achieve a better quality of life for consumers.

Our company’s chief technology officer and editorial board member of the world-renowned authoritative magazine “Nature SR”, Dr. Li Xiaoping works with other top researchers to progress the new and constantly evolving industry of the brain. In order to achieve this goal, we launched the first device, PowerDreaming, which is aimed at improving the quality of sleep, promoting good health and contributing to society.

The NewroCare Group is global, where our research institutions include NewroCare Institute Singapore, NewroCare Institute USA, NewroCare Institute Europe (Germany) and NewroCare Institute Japan. We engage in product development, components production, and sales. NewroCare China Co., Ltd has been established in Shenzhen, China, in 04 Apr 2019, where it will focus on the development of the Chinese market.


Medical Device Production and Sales Certificates

Quality Management System Policy and Objectives

NewroCare develops, manufactures and markets medical device products, where we provide a full range of excellent medical support services to contribute to the advancement of human health through our professional work. Based on integrity and responsibility, we strive to improve customer satisfaction. We have developed the overall guidelines and objectives of the following company’s quality management system:

1. We strictly control the quality, effectiveness and safety of our products and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

2. We listen to the needs of our customers and constantly strive to improve the quality of our products

3. We are at the forefront of technology development, maintaining the world’s top research capabilities and keeping an international leading position in research.

4. We clearly define the targets that are enforceable in accordance with the overall quality management policy, maintain the effectiveness and appropriateness of the quality management system, and continually review and improve.

5. We regularly review our business management activities to verify that our quality management policy guidelines have been fully implemented and that quality management objectives have been met.

6. We will ensure that our quality management policies and objectives are fully communicated and implemented throughout the company.

Business Scope

1. Research, development, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, import and export of equipment and its accessories.

2. Health and sports equipment research, development, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, import and export.

3. Research, development, application, maintenance and management of IT (Information Technology) systems for the first and second types of instruments and equipment above.

4. Research, development, application, maintenance and management of health management systems using various artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

5. Research, test, and provide treatment improvement programs for sleep disorders, brain function, etc.

6. Research, development, improvement and management of brain-computer interfaces.

7. Research on prevention and treatment of brain diseases, and publication of related results.

8. Research institutions, international conferences, related training, planning, organization, and management on prevention and treatment of brain diseases.

9. Education for people involved in the prevention and treatment of brain diseases, improvement of sleep disorders, brain function, etc.

Founder of Company and Brain Industry: Li Xiaoping, Ph.D.


  • CSO, NewroCare Institute Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Professor of Guilin University of Electronic Technology
  • Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • Founder Director of Institute of NeuroEngineering, GUET
  • Founder Director of Institute of NeuroEngineering, HUST

Previous posts:

  • Tenured Professor, National University of Singapore (1992-2016)
  • Founding Director, NeuroEngineering Lab, NUS (1998-2016)
  • Visiting Professor, University of California, San Diego (2014)
  • Visiting Professor at Johns Hopkins University (2008-2009)
  • Visiting Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology (2001)
  • Visiting Professor, Tokyo Inst Tech (2000)
  • Visiting Professor, Tokyo Inst Tech (2007)
  • Visiting Professor, Tokyo Denki Uni (1997)
  • Visiting Professor, University of NSW (2012)
  • Created Singapore Institute of NeuroTechnology (SINAPSE) (2012)

Honors and Achievements:

  • Editor of NATURE Sci. Rep., for Neurosciences
  • Editor of 8 international journals
  • Examiner for 28 international journals
  • Got the 1997 Hitachi Global Fund Research Award
  • Acquired and completed more than US$12 million in 45 research projects in Singapore and the United States
  • Got the 2000 Hitachi Global Fund Research Award
  • Got the 2007 Hitachi Global Fund Research Award
  • Service Award from the National University of Singapore
  • The National University of Singapore Award for Outstanding Professor
  • Inventor for more than 40 patent granted or pending
  • As the chairman / lead speaker of the organizing committee for more than 100 international academic conferences organized.
  • Published more than 400 international peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Author of three books published in the field of manufacturing and neuroengineering

Neural Engineering and Industry

Neural Engineering is a multidisciplinary scientific field aiming to create brain related physical devices and artificial intelligence (AI) systems. During thirty years of concentrated research in Neural Engineering, Professor Xiaoping Li discovered a special physical property of the brain in relationship with the use of an external electrical field, which resulted in his invention of a groundbreaking core technology, a non-contact and non-invasive detection and modulation of brain activities with a special electric field.